Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have been sitting here putting the book information into our inventory when this book caught my eye. I have heard of Chrysanthemum but since I have two boys, I have never read it. As I was putting in the information about the book into our system I decided to read it. It is a really cute book about a mouse who loves her name which is Chrysanthemum. When she goes to school the kids start making fun of her name so she goes home every day hating her name. The kids meet their music teacher whose name happens to be Delphinium and she talks about how much she loves the name Chrysanthemum. That day Chrysanthemum goes home loving her name. I fell in love with the message behind this book. Kids will be or are already back in school and this is the perfect book to read with them whether you are a teacher or a parent. I know I used the word "name" a lot in this post but that is the whole point of the book. It is definitely one to check out.
-Angie Malek

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