Sunday, August 28, 2011

Accelerated Reader Books

One of the biggest challenges for us as a parents this school year has been trying to help Josh find the right AR books to read. He reads on a 3.8 to 5.8 reading level. Even though he can read up to a 5.8 Duane and I feel that he is not ready to read that high of a level due to the length of the books and subject matter. We are encouraging him to try and pick books in the 3.8 range right now and work his way up to the higher level books. Currently he is reading Goosebumps and looking forward to reading some of the Merlin Missions from the Magic Tree House series. Josh and I frequetly look at My Child's Bookshelf website because I am able to pull up the books that are within the 3.5-3.9 book range and allow him to select the one he would like to read next.

He is reading this book:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School!

I am enjoying being back at school with my speech and language students. I feel like I have some really challenging activities for them to do. I love giving them activities to participate in that make them think and problem solve. Today we read a short paragraph describing a football. They got all of the attention to detail questions right but only one of them could tell me that it was a football. It seems like an easy thing, but sometimes what you think should be obvious isn't. When I am reading with one of the boys I always ask them questions about the story or about a word that I am not sure they know. Reading to your child should be enjoyable, but I love when I feel like it was a teachable moment!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

   Joshua and I always read a book together ever since he was a baby. Even though he can read now, it is something that we have always enjoyed doing together. We just finished reading The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. It was a great book that we both really enjoyed reading. When we were done Josh asked whether there was another one.
   It is a very interesting concept that Ridley Pearson chose to write about. There are four kids who have had holographic characters based on them in The Magic Kingdom who guide guests with information about the park and events taking place that day. The main character is a boy named Finn. When he and the other kids go to sleep at night their subconscious crosses over into the park. They are given a mission by a man named Wayne who is one of the Disney Imagineers. The kids come up against classic villians like the pirates from the Pirates of the Carribean ride and Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty.
   This book is very well written and I enjoyed reading it as an adult as well. If you and your kids are Disney fans this is a cool book with places and characters you will remember from your trip to The Magic Kingdom.
-Angie Malek

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have been sitting here putting the book information into our inventory when this book caught my eye. I have heard of Chrysanthemum but since I have two boys, I have never read it. As I was putting in the information about the book into our system I decided to read it. It is a really cute book about a mouse who loves her name which is Chrysanthemum. When she goes to school the kids start making fun of her name so she goes home every day hating her name. The kids meet their music teacher whose name happens to be Delphinium and she talks about how much she loves the name Chrysanthemum. That day Chrysanthemum goes home loving her name. I fell in love with the message behind this book. Kids will be or are already back in school and this is the perfect book to read with them whether you are a teacher or a parent. I know I used the word "name" a lot in this post but that is the whole point of the book. It is definitely one to check out.
-Angie Malek

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AR Books for Back to School

     With school starting up soon it's time to start thinking about AR (Accelerated Reader)* books. We have a variety of AR books for your little boy or girl of any age. When we first discussed opening a bookstore, the whole premise was to be a convenient place for parents and teachers to shop for AR books. That's why we list the ATOS* book level and AR point value on every qualified book we have. To our knowledge, we are the only bookstore you will find that provides this information.
     We soon learned that people were interested in more than just AR and so our inventory has changed and grown to include more homeschool, resource and board books. But AR is still the seed that started My Child's Bookshelf. We invite you to browse our selection and use the information we provide as you decide what books to buy for your child for the upcoming school year.
-Duane Malek
*AR, ATOS & Accelerated Reader are registered trademarks of Renaissance Learning, Inc.