Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Child's Bookshelf is happy to present a guest post by Bianca Chesimard, author of The Style Clarity Workbook. I had the opportunity to read her book and it gave me insight into defining my style. I feel better about trying to pick pieces that go with what my style is. Enjoy! Angie Malek

Thank you so much for having me on My Child’s Bookshelf today! My guest post is regarding the “mom myth” about losing your personal style after having kids.

Breaking the Mom Myth

Everyone knows the “mom myth” – when you undergo the joy of adding children to your family, you lose your style. Suddenly, you find yourself in baggy, jelly-stained sweats with no more interesting in the seasons “new blue”. Well, I know that’s just not true!

While certain things do often change about our wardrobes, fabric choices and skirt length for example, our actual desire and joy for clothing doesn’t go away. We just tend to lose the time we used to spend on it. We need easy choices that are grab and go, and pieces that look amazing after some mild abuse. Finding this balance is part of what the Style Clarity Workbook is all about.

When you have a clear and defined style, and all the pieces in your closet work together to create your image, it’s really easy to dress every day. All your items coordinate and work together to define your look. No matter what you grab, you have a put together, stylish look that you feel great in. The Style Clarity Workbook walks you through each step of this process, and we talk to other people in many different circumstances along the way.

 For example, my friend Kendra:

I call my style Cool Rocker Mama. I’ve got three kids under the age of five, so the majority of the day I’m much more concerned with what everyone else in the house is wearing than whether or not I look stylish. However, when I do make it out to playtime in the park, the other moms find my endless parade of ‘90s indie band tees and my leather boots pretty fascinating.
-Kendra, 34

By defining her look, and then choosing pieces around it that also are kid-friendly, she is able to keep that inner rock glam look she loves, while being practical about day to day life. It’s all about developing a plan, it’s easy and fun to do! Come join us on the Style Clarity journey, and define your style!

Bianca Chesimard is the author of The Style Clarity Workbook, and the creator of the Style Clarity website and blog. She spent several years in the data analysis field, which, combined with a love for fashion and style, led her to develop the Style Clarity method and write the workbook. She is a wife and mother, and enjoys a stylish life in Virginia.