Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AR Books for Back to School

     With school starting up soon it's time to start thinking about AR (Accelerated Reader)* books. We have a variety of AR books for your little boy or girl of any age. When we first discussed opening a bookstore, the whole premise was to be a convenient place for parents and teachers to shop for AR books. That's why we list the ATOS* book level and AR point value on every qualified book we have. To our knowledge, we are the only bookstore you will find that provides this information.
     We soon learned that people were interested in more than just AR and so our inventory has changed and grown to include more homeschool, resource and board books. But AR is still the seed that started My Child's Bookshelf. We invite you to browse our selection and use the information we provide as you decide what books to buy for your child for the upcoming school year.
-Duane Malek
*AR, ATOS & Accelerated Reader are registered trademarks of Renaissance Learning, Inc.  

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